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Our mission

Our mission is to empower businesses with foresight-driven innovation ensuring our clients not only navigate change but lead with confidence and clarity.

To fulfil our mission, we’re dedicated to assisting your team in developing the right MINDSET, mastering the essential SKILLSET, and harnessing an effective TOOLSET.

We specialize in driving innovation through a forward-looking approach. Our core expertise lies in leveraging strategic foresight to anticipate future needs and fuel transformative ideas across the complete innovation lifecycle.

This approach not only propels immediate transformation but also ensures that your organization is well-equipped to continue innovating in the future.

Rooted in Life Sciences, we’ve spurred innovation and growth among leading businesses. Now, we aim to extend our expertise to other sectors while upholding our standards in Life Sciences.

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Our Valued Network

Our expertise is amplified by the distinguished organizations our team serve and collaborate with

Who we help

At Foretell, we cater to a spectrum of forward-thinking clients from multinational corporations to startups, helping them stay ahead in their fields by steering competitive strategies, enhancing investment portfolios, shaping product roadmaps, and fuelling future innovations.

We work with:
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Visionary Enterprises: Seeking Growth, Aiming for Dominance
to Large-Sized Enterprises encompass dynamic leaders, strategists, and innovation teams striving to navigate their organizations toward sustainable growth and a formidable competitive edge. They grapple with the challenges of identifying growth avenues and innovating within their sectors while aspiring to enhance ROI and stay ahead of evolving market trends. We provide these enterprises with the insights and tools needed for the entire innovation lifecycle, transforming ideas into impactful actions and guiding them through complex landscapes to seize emerging opportunities.
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Strategic Investors: Maximizing Returns, Pioneering Future Investments
Investors, from venture capitalists to private equity firms, aim to fortify their portfolios with investments that promise high returns and are aligned with future market potentials. Their challenge lies in making informed decisions amidst market volatilities and ensuring their investments are future-proof. At Foretell, we arm investors with foresight-driven market insights and strategies, helping them identify lucrative opportunities, health-check their portfolios, and navigate investment decisions with confidence.
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Entrepreneurs and Innovators: Disrupting Markets, Shaping the Future
Entrepreneurs leading start-ups or scale-ups are visionaries determined to disrupt traditional markets with innovative solutions. They face the daunting task of refining their business models, securing investments, and achieving scalable growth. We stand with these trailblazers, offering strategic guidance on business model optimization, market positioning, and product roadmap development across all horizons, ensuring they navigate market uncertainties with agility and achieve sustained success.
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Innovation Enablers: Cultivating Ecosystems, Accelerating Impact
Enablers, including state-level strategists, innovation funds, and entities like accelerators and incubators, are the architects behind thriving innovation ecosystems. Their objective is to foster environments conducive to innovation, facing the challenge of connecting ideas with opportunities and resources. We collaborate with these catalysts, providing strategic insights, fostering partnerships, and supporting the design of innovation hubs to amplify their influence, ensuring innovation not only occurs but flourishes, delivering significant benefits to society and the economy.
Our Values

Our values are not just beliefs; they are the principles we actively live by, infusing every decision and action with their essence.

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Look Ahead & Lead: We're the visionaries who see tomorrow's possibilities and turn them into today's game-changing plans!
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Move Fast & Adapt: We dance with change, swiftly navigating the next wave of opportunity with agility and passion.
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Make It Matter: We drive impactful outcomes to leave a lasting mark and elevate our clients' success.
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Team Up & Triumph: Together, we're unstoppable. We mix our minds to hatch brilliant ideas that win.
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Optimize & Outperform: We live by the 'Do Not Repeat Yourself' (DRY) principle. We refine relentlessly, repurpose intelligently, and elevate efficiency with every step.
Our Story

The vision behind Foretell

Foretell emerged from the visionary mind of our founder Peyman Moh, a futurist and technology expert with a diverse background spanning Pharmaceutical, Tech, Sustainability, Energy, and Construction sectors. Specializing in strategic planning and the implementation of technology, Peyman’s passion for guiding businesses through uncertain times inspired him to create a solution provider that could guide organizations through the complexities of the future.
His rich experiences, combined with advanced digital technology skills and an in-depth understanding of ever-changing market dynamics, formed the cornerstone of Foretell.
Peyman set a clear vision, to revolutionize the way businesses foresee and confront upcoming challenges. He was convinced that equipping organizations with the foresight and tools necessary to pre-empt change would empower them to move through uncertainty with agility and confidence.
This foundational vision continues to inspire our mission, pushing us to develop pioneering solutions that ensure to keep our clients ahead of the curve.