Announcement: Peyman Moh has Joined the Broadening Horizons Mentoring Programme

Peyman Moh Joins the Broadening Horizons Mentoring Programme
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We are thrilled to announce that Peyman Moh has joined the Broadening Horizons Mentoring Programme as a mentor.

This prestigious program, supporting early-career researchers in translational research, benefits significantly from Peyman Moh’s extensive experience and dedication to fostering innovation. His role as a mentor for Moving Ahead, alongside stakeholders Cancer Research and Wellcome, underlines our commitment to empowering the next generation of researchers.

About Moving Ahead and Programme Stakeholders

Moving Ahead is an initiative designed to enhance professional development and career progression for early-career researchers. With the backing of key stakeholders Cancer Research Horizons and Wellcome, Moving Ahead plays a crucial role in advancing translational research for societal benefit. Cancer Research is renowned for its dedication to funding and conducting cancer research, while Wellcome focuses on improving health by supporting bright minds in science, the humanities, and social sciences, and public engagement.

Broadening Horizons Programme

The Broadening Horizons Mentoring Programme stands at the intersection of industry, policy, and the third sector, aiming to support, develop, and empower early-career researchers passionate about translational research. Jointly funded by Cancer Research Horizons and Wellcome, the programme is entering its third successful year. By offering mentorship, exposure to diverse career opportunities, and a toolkit for translating research into practical applications, Broadening Horizons is shaping the future of health-focused research. Since its inception, the programme has supported 200 participants across 45 universities and organizations, heralding a new era of research with real-world impact.

Peyman Moh’s involvement as a mentor in the Broadening Horizons Mentoring Programme is a beacon of hope for aspiring researchers. His guidance will illuminate the path to impactful discoveries, enriching the ecosystem of translational research with his knowledge and expertise. As we welcome our third cohort in January 2024, we look forward to the continued success and expansion of this transformative programme.


Join us in celebrating this milestone and the bright future it heralds for translational research.

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