Electronic Leaflet
Reading Time: < 1 minute
Project Lead/Expert: Peyman Moh
Project Scope: Proof of Concept
Client/Partners: Confidential
Status: Delivered
Date: 2022
Key Objectives:

  • Implement a globally accessible electronic leaflet system for medicines via QR code scanning with an app.
  • Navigate and comply with diverse global regulatory requirements and digital infrastructure challenges.
  • Eliminate the environmental impact associated with paper leaflets to substantially reduce carbon footprint.
  • Enhance content management efficiency, enabling rapid and cost-effective updates to medicine information.


The Electronic Leaflet for Medicine initiative was designed to transform the traditional paper leaflet distribution system into an eco-friendly digital solution. This project focused on creating a scalable and globally compatible application that allows patients and healthcare providers to access detailed medicine information through a simple QR code scan. Careful consideration was given to regulatory adherence, ensuring that the digital content met stringent legal standards across different countries. The application featured a streamlined user experience, providing real-time updates and accurate pharmaceutical data. The shift to a digital platform not only supported environmental sustainability efforts by cutting down on paper waste but also streamlined the process of maintaining and disseminating medical information, thus providing a more dynamic and responsive communication channel for the pharmaceutical industry.

Key Outcomes:

  • Launched a PoC of a global application for electronic medicine leaflets, accessible through QR code scanning.
  • Confirmed significant environmental benefits by transitioning away from paper-based leaflets.
  • Ensured compliance with international regulatory standards for digital medical content.
  • Created an efficient mechanism for updating medicine information, leading to improved cost savings and agility in pharmaceutical communications.

Peyman Moh, a seasoned leader with over 20 years of experience in digital health and innovation, excels in transforming foresight into impactful realities. As the former Director of Digital Health & Innovation at GSK and founder of Foretell Innovation Lab, he has spearheaded major projects, established innovation accelerators, and provided advisory services. Renowned for his strategic foresight and ability to foster ecosystem collaborations, Peyman's expertise in future-back thinking and innovation lifecycle management positions him as a pivotal figure in navigating the rapidly evolving innovation landscape.