The Intersection of Platform Governance and Crowdfunding Success

In the ever-evolving landscape of crowdfunding, the governance of platforms significantly influences campaign success. My latest research, published in the Academy of Management, explores how the choice of funding model impacts campaign outcomes, revealing a fascinating interplay between risk preference signaling and gender dynamics. Surprisingly, female entrepreneurs benefit more from showcasing their risk preferences, although they tend to shy away from riskier models. This study offers valuable insights for entrepreneurs and platform operators aiming to navigate the crowdfunding ecosystem more effectively.
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In the dynamic world of crowdfunding, the mechanisms that govern platforms play a pivotal role in determining the success of fundraising campaigns. My latest research, published in the Academy of Management, delves into this intricate relationship, exploring how the choice of funding model impacts campaign performance across different demographics of entrepreneurs. By providing a deeper understanding of platform governance, this study unveils significant insights that could revolutionize how entrepreneurs approach crowdfunding. For those interested in a comprehensive exploration of this subject, I invite you to read the full paper here.

The Core of Our Findings

The study at hand investigates a crucial question: Does granting entrepreneurs the discretion to select their crowdfunding campaign’s funding model enhance its performance? Moreover, it examines how this choice influences the outcomes for male versus female entrepreneurs. Our findings reveal a compelling narrative about risk, decision-making, and gender dynamics in the crowdfunding arena.

The Power of Choice

One of the most striking revelations is the positive impact that the freedom to choose a funding model has on campaign performance. When entrepreneurs select a model that showcases their willingness to embrace risk, their campaigns tend to perform better. This choice acts as a signal to potential backers, indicating the entrepreneur’s confidence in their venture and their readiness to tackle challenges head-on.

A Gendered Perspective

Interestingly, the study uncovers that female entrepreneurs, in particular, stand to gain significantly from the ability to disclose their risk preferences through their choice of funding model. This advantage is attributed to the signalling effect, where revealing a propensity for risk-taking can positively influence perceptions and, consequently, the success of the campaign.

However, it’s important to note a nuanced finding: despite the potential benefits, female entrepreneurs are generally less inclined to opt for the riskier funding model. This trend suggests a higher level of risk aversion among women, a factor that could influence their strategic decisions in crowdfunding contexts.

Implications and Future Directions

These findings have profound implications for both platform operators and entrepreneurs. For platforms, understanding the impact of governance structures on campaign success can guide the development of more effective and inclusive policies. For entrepreneurs, especially women, recognizing the benefits of strategically showcasing risk preferences could inform more successful crowdfunding strategies.

Harnessing the Foretell Method

As we reflect on these insights, it’s crucial to consider how they align with the Foretell Method’s emphasis on strategic foresight and agile action. By applying this method, businesses can navigate the complexities of crowdfunding with greater confidence and efficacy. The Foretell Method enables entrepreneurs to make informed decisions, leveraging insights like those from this study to craft campaigns that resonate with their target audience and achieve tangible impact.

In conclusion, this research not only sheds light on the intricate dynamics of crowdfunding but also underscores the importance of strategic decision-making in this context. By understanding the nuances of platform governance and its implications for different user groups, entrepreneurs can better position their campaigns for success. And with the support of Foretell’s strategic foresight and agile action framework, the path toward innovative and strategic growth becomes clearer and more attainable.


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Ali is an associate professor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation with a rich background in research focused on entrepreneurial innovation and management. This includes areas like venture capital investment, start-up innovation, intellectual property management, and technology commercialization strategies.